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Surprise Homes for Sale - New on Market Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Renters:

Q: When should I begin looking for a home to rent?

Surprise Home For Sale

A: We suggest you begin your search at least 3-4 weeks in advance. In addition to our own inventory we have access to almost every home available for rent in Surprise, Arizona and surrounding communities, even those listed by other Realtors. We are happy to show you all the homes that will fit your needs, regardless of who lists the property. Feel free to search for properties that are currently available on the market for lease or purchase. Market conditions are constantly fluctuating and new properties are available daily, so check back as often a you would like!

Q: How do I see inside a home that I'm interested in?

A: Whether it is one of the homes that we have featured for lease or one that is listed by another company, call us at 602.920.2201 and we can make the proper arrangements. You are welcome to drive by any available homes for an exterior viewing of the neighborhood, location, etc.. Keep in mind that many of the homes you see listed may and in most cases are still occupied by the owner or current tenant. Please do not knock on any doors or disturb the current tenants, as this is highly discouraged.

Q: How long will my lease be?

A: Most of the properties are leased for 12 months or more, however some homeowners also offer 6 month, 3 month, and month-to-month leases. We also have access to a variety of short term, seasonal, and furnished rentals. Call us at 602.920.2201 to find the perfect home with a lease term to fit your needs and budget.

Q: Will my application hold the home for me?

A: No. All of our properties remain highly desirable as they are move-in ready. Applications will be accepted on a first come basis. We recommend that you go over the "Rental Application" twice and fill out all information requested. We must be able to verify all of the information contained on the "Rental Application" to prevent delays. Only after your lease agreement has been fully executed with all required deposits received, will the home be held exclusively for you. At that time, all other potential applicants for that property will be turned away and the home taken off the active market.

Q: What documents do I need to provide in addition to my completed application?

A: Regardless of the home that you are submitting an application to rent for, you will need to provide "Proof of income" (paystubs or direct deposit slips, bank statements and tax records if self employed), copy of a Drivers License or State Identification Card, a copy of Military Orders, copies of any satisfied court judgments, which may still appear on your credit, non-refundable background check and processing fee for each adult applicant over 18 years of age.

Q: Do I have to have good credit to rent a home?

A: All potential tenants are welcome to apply, regardless of your credit history. Each home is individually owned and it is the potential tenant that must proove themselves as a good risk to the landlord. By submitting all the required documentation together with your completed application, we will have everything we need on file to present to the landlord for consideration, and be able to offer solutions to overcome any possible objections. Potential tenants must show that they will always pay the rent on time.

Q: I have roommates and/ or a spouse. Can we combine our incomes to qualify?

A: Yes. All adults living in the property must be approved by the landlord and listed on the lease agreement at the landlords discretion. It is common to combine incomes in order to qualify. Depending on the property, a co-signor or guarantor may be required.

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: Under normal circumstances, the entire process averages between 1-3 days. There are some exceptions that may apply to some homes that will expedite the entire process to less than 24 hours, or may cause further delay if the landlord is temporarily unreachable.

Q: How will I know if my application is approved?

A: We believe in constant communication between all parties at all times. It is not neccessary to call in to see if you have been accepted or denied, as we will call you the minute there is any update. You must schedule a time to sign your lease and deliver all deposits within 2 business days after you are accepted. The home will remain active on the market and we will accept backup applications until this is completed.

Q: What do I do if the landlord declines my application?

A: If you are denied on a property, there may be several more on the market that will accept your qualifications. We will continue to assist you in finding a home that will work for you. We are strong believers in that there is a home out there for everyone, regardless of your situation.

Q: Can I bring my PETS?

A: Pet policies are strictly enforced and will vary greatly from one home to another depending on the landlord or owner. Pets deposits are required on all properties in addition to security/ cleaning deposits if any. If you have a pet that is considered a viscious breed, you may be required to provide proof of liability insurance and a possible increase in deposit may apply depending on the individual homeowner requirements. To find out if the home will allow your pets, please contact us.

Q: What are my total move-in costs?

A: Move in costs will vary from house to house, but will typically include: the first month's rent or a pro-rated amount of one months rent(depending on what day of the month you actually take possession), any applicable sales tax (currently 2.2% in Surprise), Security deposit, Cleaning Deposit (if applicable) and a Pet Deposit (if applicable). Rental tax will vary from city to city. Please call us at 602.920.2201 to provide you with an estimate of these costs for the home you are applying for.

For Homeowners and Landlords:

Sun City Home For Sale

Q: I own my home and need to move soon, but can not wait for a buyer. How can I get a qualified tenant to rent my home?

A: If a job or family situation takes you away from home, consider renting out your home to offset all or part of the costs of your monthly mortgage payment. If you have an underlying mortgage against your property like the majority of homeowners do, the first step would be to review your mortgage documents for restrictions about renting out your home while the mortgage is in effect. In addition, there may be local zoning and/or HOA regulations regarding renting out your private residence. Please contact the proper authorites in your community before moving forward. Step two would be to compare rental pricing for similar homes to yours, on the market for lease via the Arizona Multiple Listing Service here on Step three would be to get the ball rolling and send us an Email Here with your property address and contact information.

Q: What are the current real estate market conditions for Surprise Arizona and surrounding northwest valley communities?

A: The Arizona economy is strong. People are moving in record numbers to most all of the Phoenix metro cities, and Surprise Arizona was rated as one of the fastest growing cities in America. Economists predict continued strong growth in population, as there is plenty of land to grow and expand here in Surprise. We are currently in a buyers market with prices at an all time low! Now is the time to buy a new home whether you are a first time home buyer, buying as an investment or rental property, or a vacation or seasonal home purchase. We may never see prices like this again! With all the additional rental homes and vacancy rates due to foreclosure, rental rates have become very competetive. Now more than ever you need a Surprise Arizona based REALTOR? with knowledge of current local market conditions and rental demographics coupled with an aggressive web based marketing plan to attract potential tenants and buyers for your property.

Q: How long will my home be on the market before it is leased or sold?

A: This must be answered on a case by case or home by home basis. No two homes are alike, and there are many factors that must be considered that will affect the DOM or days on market. Location and pricing are the two biggest factors to consider when placing your home on the market for lease or sale. Move in condition, amenities, accessability and deposits will follow when attracting tenants and buyers to your home. Marketing your property to an unqualified tenant in an effort to fullfill your homes vacancy can be just as big a mistake as pricing the property too high in the first place and turning off qualified applicants. We recommend a competetive price point for your property to be leased or sold within 30 days. It is not economical to allow a property to sit on the market for longer than 30 days, as it would be cutting into your wallet at that point. There is a greater possibility that your home won't be shown by other Realtors as frequently, and often times not at all, with a high number of days on market reflecting against your listing. Contact us at 602.920.2201 today to discuss a current FREE market analysis for your unique property.

Q: Why do I need a REALTOR? to list my Surprise Arizona home for Rent/ Sale?

A: Many homeowners simply do not have the time, knowledge or experience when it comes to marketing their property and locating qualified tenants. For those that do have past experience leasing out their home, but are still curious how we can help you, fell free to contact us by EMAIL HERE or by phone at 602.920.2201- You may be Surprised! We can offer background screening services for potential tenants and local Arizona MLS services to homeowners that want to be a part of the overall job of locating the perfect tenant.

Q: I have decided to list my Surprise Arizona home for Lease/ Sale. What will you be doing for me?

A: Real Estate Statistics world wide have shown that aproximately 85% of renters and home buyers will use the internet as their first stop when thinking about moving to a new home. We believe this number may be higher now days, as online real estate searches are completed by almost everyone with access to a computer. This is done before contacting a REALTOR?. Our marketing strategy will vary greatly depending on the location and condition of your home, but will be dominated by the world wide web. With map based searches, satellite imaging, street views of actual homes in neighborhoods, virtual tours, streaming video home tours, etc.-The future of real estate marketing is here! Buyers and renters can save time and money looking online first, this is the bottom line!

List your home with us for guaranteed results. We will:

  1. Determine a competitive price point for your property and create a custom marketing plan.
  2. Advertise your property to attract qualified applicants and home buyers (for sellers).
  3. Interview prospective tenants before showing your property to save time with unqualified applicants.
  4. Show your property to prequalified applicants and buyers (for sellers). Interview potential parties further while showing your property and accept applications and deposits.
  5. Complete a thorough background screening report for any and all potential tenants before proceeding forward. In a non-discriminatory manner we check nationwide for past eviction history, past criminal history, complete credit burea file with score, we confirm references, we verify current and past landlord status and verify current and past employment information. Only at this point will we present to our clients the complete package for final consideration by the homeowner/ landlord.
  6. Once final approval is made, we will prepare all the neccessary documentation to bind the parties to the transaction. This includes but is not limited to the:
    • AAR Lease Agreement (8 Pages)
    • All Addendums
    • Rental Application
    • Completed Background Report
    • Proof of Income Statements
    • Copies of Drivers License or State ID's
    • Security Deposits, Cleaning and Pet Deposits (if applicable)
    • Move-In Checklist
  7. Schedule an Onsite Physical Move-In Walk Through Inspection of the premises. This will be completed the day of move-in or earlier if needed. Optional digital photographs of the premises will be taken and delivered to homeowners and landlords.
  8. Deliver copies of keys to the property and provide all required information to your new tenants, to ensure a smooth future relationship between landlord and tenant.
  9. Deliver completed file and all deposits to owner/ landlord consisting of all documentation pertaining to your new tenants.